Positive Reinforcement for Puppies

Importance of Grooming Puppies

Grooming puppies is all about maintaining their cleanliness and hygiene level. It’s actually much more than keeping your puppy looking good.
Grooming your puppy is about maintaining your pet’s health as well as her overall looks and appearance.
The best time to make your dog get used to grooming is when she is still very young as a puppy. This is because if you wait till they are much older – your puppy may not agree to it later on, most particularly when it has to do with nail clipping and ear cleaning.
Teaching them early to get used to grooming is vital – most especially for those breeds that are really hairy.
It requires loads of grooming time to brush your little puppy’s long furry body and they need to really get used to keeping calm and staying still for this to happen.
When you brush your puppy’s hair regularly – it will help to eliminate dead hair, remove dirt, and clear out dandruff. Brushing will also help bring out the natural oils hidden within the dog’s coat.
During the process of brushing, the natural oils will spread evenly all through the puppy’s fur thereby offering it a healthy shine.
Experts recommend that you can start grooming your puppy from when they are about 3 weeks old.
One more benefit of grooming your puppy is that you will be able to quickly detect if they have any abnormalities or health problem. Such discovery might comprise skin issues relating to fleas, ticks, dry patches, and even issues linking to their ears, teeth, nails, and eyes.
Grooming your puppy will help you identify infections early so you can provide treatment where required.
When you groom your puppy appropriately, starting at early age, it will help keep them truly happy and outstandingly healthy. It provides good time for you and your lovely pet to spend quality time together and this will in the long run help you save money on vet bills.
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