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How to Deal With Separation Anxiety for Puppy

White Poodle Puppy

Does your puppy barks endlessly, perhaps soils the carpet, claws at your doorstep or chew destructively to express his anger following separation anxiety? In moderate to severe instances, the pet might even injure himself while at the height of the frustration or refuse to eat at all. And while puppies hate separation, you should be able to help the little friend contain the situation and feel at ease as soon as possible.

If your pup shows these unfriendly behaviors when it’s alone or while you are leaving to work, you can help this unnatural situation less stressful by following these tips.

  • Make leaving and arriving home routine

Show your puppy that leaving and arriving isn’t something to get excited or to be celebrated. You will need to avoid your pet at least 30 minutes until they are totally calm. With time they will completely understand that they will get rewarded with attention for being calm and ignored when they are excited. To remove pup anxiety, just don’t make exit with big gestures or don’t greet your pet immediately when coming back home.

  • Take your pet for a walk, before you leave your home

Make sure your dog gets at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday to different places to get exposed to different places and get new sights and smell. Engage in different games as well, so long as it offers physical and mental exercise. Dogs crave new challenges and new experiences.

  • Use puzzles to keep them busy

You can create a scavenger hunt around your home, hiding treats for them to search and discover. You can also leave a bone or other chewable treatment to keep your pup busy when you are away. Be more careful when with some toys as they can present choking hazards and others can destroy your pup teeth bone being one of them.

  • Find a dog sitter

When looking for dog walker service, do some thorough research and make sure they are well trained for the job and of course, insured. Dogs love routine so having a dog walker arriving same time every day can keep the pets at ease and avoid anxiety.

  • Leave your dog with a nice audiobook

Audiobooks are having calming effects like never before on dogs and helps in lowering the separation anxiety. The sound of a human being voice helps to calm the dog and reduce their stress while you are away.

  • Take your pup to a daycare

If taking your dog to the daycare every day is costly, try taking him at least once a week and see if there is any improvement. Daycares are great for your dog’s social development.

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