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You are now a proud pet owner, and with that, you are presumably over the moon every minute you see the little furry friend jump up and down the house. Of course, there’s nothing that melts your heart more than seeing the lovely and vivacious animal play around, bark if it’s a pup or the kitten purr and meow to show love.
Being a pet owner comes with a host of responsibilities, right from finding the right vet and buying the best quality pet food to ensuring your friend looks neat all the time. You will have to find the dog a cute collar and get a name tag engraved with its name and teach him pleasant mannerisms. More importantly, you will have to puppy-proof your home to ensure that it is safe and ready for the destructive behavior of your friend.
Your Ultimate Puppy Proofing Checklist
If you are from Singapore, the best place to learn about this is at any puppies for sale Singapore store. But for now, do the following:
• Puppy proofing the kitchen area
An average kitchen contains all-things appealing in the eyes of an energetic, vivacious pet. Drawers, cabinets, cords, foodstuff and the tantalizing smells can make the animal curious and restless with the hope of exploring what’s contained inside. So, start by puppy proofing the area by acquiring tucking power cords out of reach, locking up the drawers and preventing the curious pups from investigating the area.
• Puppy proofing the living area
Being the area where everyone will love spending most of the time at, your living area must be puppy-proofed. Start with the cozy sofas, the pillows, the carpet, the plants and flower vase and all other items that the dog can reach and start chewing.
The best thing to do is to teach the pet tolerant manners, and buy him chewable toys, often available at a pet shop. Also, put away clutter and be vigilant about the most likely objects that are dangerous to the pup.
• Puppy proofing the bedroom
Pets, specifically dogs, are scent-oriented and naturally draw closer to ‘good-smelling’ items. You will see your dog chewing your shoes, slipper, and clothing, without feeling embarrassed. And so, to prevent this, safeguard everything by locking up in the closet. That is the only way of pet-proofing all your jewelry, hair ties, coins and miniature and dangerous items.
• Garage and Yard
It is in the garage and in the backyard area where obvious and not-so-obvious dangers lurk, especially for champion chewers. Plastic bins, old paint containers, rodent poison, fertilizers and gasoline containers and many other items can easily pose a considerable danger, hurt the little pet. To stay safe, do throw all bottles, boxes, and containers in a litter bin or store them appropriately. Identify plants that can be poisonous – daffodils, foxglove, bird-of-paradise, and lupine, and restrict the animal from ingesting them.
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