Introducing the Beagle Dog

Facts about Beagle dogs

 Beagle Dogs are easily adaptable and quite versatile as well.

Beagle Dogs are very loving, loyal to their owner and affectionate.

Beagle Dogs serve as amazing first time pets for first time puppy owners.

Beagle Dogs also have very minimal maintenance with regards to grooming.

Beagle Dogs are friendly, very social and always like to get on with other dogs and animals

Beagle Dogs are extremely great with kids and are very tolerant with them.

Beagle Dogs love to follow their noses once they pick up any attention-grabbing scent.

Beagle Dogs can be very independent i.e. self-reliant by nature. This trait alone makes training them a bit challenging.

Beagle Dogs have become a popular choice for most families in Singapore and are highly intelligent medium sized dogs. They have a reputation for being great companion dogs and are really prominent in the show ring with crowds and judges.

They also have strong hunting instinct, and are well-known for being that kind of dog that’s easily relaxed and happy living in a home environment with their canine companion. They are quite very comfortable wherever they find themselves.

Beagle Dogs love getting involved in everything that happens within the household and exhibit loads of kind traits, thus they are a great pleasure to have around.

They love company at all times but without being overly demanding. However it would be nice to always have someone around to keep them company when everyone else is out of the home.

Today, the Beagle dog breed has become one of the most famous and preferred choices for families living in Singapore and other parts of the world; kudos to their gorgeous and lovely appearance.

This lovely breed has been around as far back as 500 BC.

Interestingly, the great ‘Queen Elizabeth I’ was quite fond of this special breed of dog.

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