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Introducing Bichon Frise Dog Breed

Bichon Frise Dogs are regarded as very adaptable and can be really gorgeous.

Bichon Frise Dogs can also be very playful and will continue even into their adult age.

 This breed doesn’t shed furs that much.

Bichon Frise Dogs are super brilliant and very easy to train under the right environment and setting.

Thinking about dogs with commendable life span, the Bichon Frise Dogs do have long life spans that extend up to 20 years.

The Bichon Frise Dogs are known as good companions and easily bond with special ties with owners and family members.

Bichon Frise Dogs do not like being left on their own, and can easily suffer from separation anxiety when lonely.

Bichon Frise Dogs can be quite challenging when it comes to house training.

This intelligent dog breed is one of the most famous breeds in the globe and this is for good reason. Being loving little dogs that are amazing, affectionate and adorable, they are known to be really good around kids – making it yet another benefit – since most small puppies find it challenging to cope when kids are on the scene.

This little dog category likes attraction and thus wants to be the center of attention most times. Though little in size, they are also fearless, extremely confident and outgoing.

They love being with people all time and might suffer anxiety when left on their own. They are also high on maintenance when it comes to grooming them.

Classically, this dog breed comes in 4 categories namely:

  • the Bichon Maltais,
  • the Bichon Teneriffe,
  • the Bichon Bolognais,
  • the Bichon Havanai

The dog comes majorly with pure white, soft coat and is known to have corkscrew curls within it. They have slightly rounded head and hair that highlights the shape of their heads quite striking. It has dark eyes, and always looking alert – one reason people find them so endearing.

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