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Introducing Chow Chow Dog Breed


The Chow Chow Dog Breed is outstandingly great as loyal companions and family pets.

Chow Chow Dogs are very easy to housetrain since they are exceptionally clean dogs by nature.

Chow Chow Dogs are also natural watchdogs. 

Chow Chow Dogs easily form a strong tie with the individual that take the most care of them.

Chow Chow Dogs are completely loyal and loving and never too demanding.

 Chow Chow Dogs are very smart and intelligent and very quick to learn new things.

 Chow puppies can be quite costly to purchase.

 Chow Chow Dogs can be quite aggressive towards strangers or people that are unfamiliar if not properly socialized from a tender age.

 Chow Chow Dogs have a high prey drive.

 While anyone can have this breed of dog, they might not be the best option for first time dog owners since they require being handled and trained only by folks that understand their specific needs.


One of the most distinctive features about this dog breed is their blue or blackish tongue, and then also their copious, thick coat.

Two kinds of Chow Chow breeds exist and these are:

  • The smooth-coated ones,
  • The other being the rough-coated breed

Chow Chow Dogs can be exceptionally loyal and committed to their owners. They also tend to easily bond particularly with one person within a family setting – such person who takes the most care of them.

For decades, the Chow Chow breed has become a popular choice in Singapore for many families – kudos to their uncommon looks and their very loyal nature. Since they require special training, they are not the best choice for first time dog owners as they can be best handled by individuals who are familiar with the breed.

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