Introducing Corgi Dog

Pets are great companion and intimate friends to human beings since centuries past. Humans have accommodated and lived with cats, dogs and other loving creatures as pets with dogs as one of the most popular and famous found among humans. Dogs come in various breeds having similarities and differences in origin, temperament, behaviour, strength and as such, humans can choose and decide on which of the breeds they love to have as pet. Corgi puppies are nice breed of dog with impressive features as regards their stature, appearance, intelligence and rich origin. Corgi dogs are good enough for anyone to own as pets and if you look forward to having a great pet, you may consider a corgi after reading through this article.

Corgi dogs along with their close and older relative, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, are both bred from a crossbreed done by Welshmen in Wales since the 19th century. The result was Corgi dogs that were similar with differences only existing in the possession of tail and pointed ears.  The corgi dog is very cute with a lovely facial appearance and pointy ears. It has beautiful colours of fur that lavishly covered its body. The Welsh named it Corgi because of its small or dwarf-like stature. In Welsh language, according to Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘Cor’ means Dwarf while the word ‘gi’ means Dog.

Corgi dogs are known to be very intelligent because of their impressive cognitive ability which helps them to easily master and learn commands and carry them out at their first attempt. They also have an athletic body and can run fast with their origin supporting this claim as the smallest dog used for herding activities in ancient times. However, Corgi dogs may grow fatter when it has no space to run and exercise. 

The corgi dogs are very good as pet because you don’t have to worry about its wellness in any seasonal or environmental condition. The colourful fur on its body ensures that it can tolerate and survive summer and winter times easily. The fur adds to its positive review just like it does for Siberia husk dogs that also have fur bodies.

Those are some are very key features of the Corgi dogs and it is such an interesting dog for a pet. You sure should get this soon as they are presently for sale Singapore. A dog that is of good size and stature, intelligent and learn fast with a good habit of running and exercising is a great choice for anyone as it was a great choice for the England royal queen and family. Secure a great, loving and intelligent pet and dog as a companion and friend, enjoy the warmth of the stylish fur on its body and relish running around with it at the backyard. Corgi puppies for sale Singapore is on and you should take that opportunity to own a unique dog as pet.

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