1Are the puppies for sale or adoption?
The puppies are for sale.
2Where are the puppies from?
Most of the puppies in shop are locally bred approved by AVS License Breeders.
3Do you import puppy on behalf of customer?
No, We do not import puppy upon customer requested though we do have imported puppies in shop occasionally.
4Do the puppies come with vaccinations, microchip and deworming?
Yes, all the puppies come with minimum 2 vacinations covered against Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Parainfluenza Virus and Leptospirosis They are also microchipped and dewormed.
5Do I need to make appointment to view the puppies?
Yes, you are required to make appointment via whatsapp 88776368 to view the puppies. Kindly advise the name, preference date, time, breed, gender and We will get back to you. (We do not have puppy for sale during Circuit Breaker Period) You can fill up the Request For Puppies https://puppiessaleinsingaporepetshop.com/request-puppies-2/
6What are the payment mode?
We accept Cash, Net, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.
7If I am not ready to keep a puppy can I come and play with the puppies?
We apologise that we do not allow playing with the puppies if you have no intention to buy as this is to prevent spreading of germs/ viruses and stress to the puppy. Young Puppies have low immunity and require more rest and only interested parties can interact with them.
8What breed puppy is suitable for me?
We suggest you to do research on different breeds such as HDB/ Non-HDB approved breeds which suit your daily lifestyle. If you are ready to be a pet owner, you can arrange appointment via whatsapp 88776368 with our pet specialist to better assist you.
9Do you have installment plan to purchase a puppy?
Sorry We do not have installment plan to purchase a puppy.
10Can I reserve a puppy?
Kindly make appointment via whatsapp 88776368 to view the puppies and our pet specialist can further assist you.
11What is the cheapest puppy you have?
Please do some research in order to know what breed is suitable for your lifestyle not just base on the price factor only. The market rate for the cheaper puppies usually cost S$2XXX. There are different price range for different breeds/ quality and other factors of the puppies.
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