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Introducing the French Bulldog

The French bulldog is quite small in size & is a remarkably playful, friendly breed that easily adapts to diverse lifestyles and environments. They are actually among the most popular companion dog breeds you can find in Singapore and the rest of the world. They tend to also demand loads of attention and love to be with their canine companion always i.e. with their owners.

French bulldogs can be quite stubborn and at the same time very willing to please and when properly trained and handled, this breed can learn to do some astounding things.

French Bulldogs can be quite possessive & overly protective of their owners. They love kids – however supervision is required for better security just as it is with any other breed of dog.

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The French bulldog breed has the following qualities for your consideration:

• French bulldogs are super cool, and good with kids

• French bulldogs are very easygoing, and are contented living with their owner in an apartment or house

• French bulldogs are super intelligent, smart, and easy to train and can be somewhat naughty

• The French bulldog is a special choice for first time dog owners since they are very easy to house train, with the added perk of being able to thrive within a family environment

• French bulldogs require just short walks few times daily, without need for long ones

• French bulldogs are delightful companions since they are quite responsive and zealous to please without being too demanding

• French bulldogs are quite popular around the globe and in Singapore as well. This breed is people-oriented, and exceptionally adaptable

• This breed can be said to be the ideal companion dog and the perfect choice for folks who prefer quieter lives. A typical French bulldog will gladly sit on the couch with its owner.

• They need regular exercise as they are easily prone to obesity

• French bulldogs are reputed for being the "clowns of the dog world"!

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