Introducing Jack Russell Dog Breed

Jack Russell Dogs are little, quite affectionate, friendly and truly loyal.

Jack Russell Dogs are also good companion dogs that love to be around everyone and great around kids of all ages if well trained and properly socialized.

With regards to grooming, they require minimal care.

When you seek for dogs that are super good in sports, Jack Russell Dogs excels at all sorts of canine sports you can think of.

Jack Russell Dogs are ideal companions for individuals who work outdoors; so if you are an athlete – you will find this very useful as your training buddy.

Jack Russell Dogs are among the top highly intelligent dogs in the world.

And since they burst with energy all time, they are also extremely playful all through their life time.

Jack Russell Dogs hate being left alone, or else they will suffer separation anxiety.

Leaving Jack Russell Dogs bored means you want to see them on the destructive lane. They can do anything to stay off being bored.

This breed requires firm handling!

Jack Russell Dogs can bark overly if not well trained.

Jack Russell Dogs require so much attention and exercise to stay happy. They are also known to exhibit some form of aggression towards other dogs of same sex.

Jack Russell dogs are gaining popularity in Singapore and this is for a good reason. This dog breed is exceptionally bold, always happy and full of energy. Having this dog around your home means you will also never get bored if you truly stay committed to it.

Since they are full of energy, the owner should provide them the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation as this will help to keep them happy, and act as well-behaved dogs.

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