Introducing the Japanese Spitz Dog Breed

Japanese Spitz Dog can be very self-reliant and independent and won’t mind being left to stay alone for a while.

Japanese Spitz Dogs are quite friendly and good around kids of all ages.

 Japanese Spitz Dogs are also very easy to train.

  Japanese Spitz Dogs easily get along with other dogs since by nature - they are sociable.

 Japanese Spitz Dogs are highly adaptable and will find comfort residing in any apartment with their canine companion.

    Japanese Spitz Dogs are great pet options for first time dog owners.

Japanese Spitz Dogs are also very sensitive and can serve as smart watchdogs.

They require high maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Being dogs that naturally have high energy, they require loads of physical exercise like walking daily.

Japanese Spitz Dog can be quite suspicious and thus can be wary of individuals that they don't really know or are familiar with.

  Japanese Spitz Dogs have a high prey drive.

They can also display stubbornness when the mood takes them.


This category of dog breed is gaining popularity here in Singapore and has been long term preferred breed in their native Japan location.

Quite little in stature, they are very lively pets with sweet gorgeous looks. They are also easygoing and adding these features to their adorable appearance and dazzling white furs – they serve as that lovely dog that first time dog owners can proudly own and keep around their home.

This breed is unique and different from other small dog breed categories – as they find it exciting to get along with children. Japanese Spitz Dogs like nothing more than being in an intimate environment and getting engaged in almost everything that happens within the house.

They are gaining rapid popularity irrespective of whether you are keeping them as companions or family pets.

The Japanese Spitz dog is rarely aggressive, but rather feisty, playful and brilliantly alert.

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