Introduction to Maltese Dog Breed

The Maltese dog breed has several advantages and is quite a good recommendation for first time dog owners.

Qualities of Maltese Dogs:

They are very sweet natured and love to please at all time.

Maltese dogs are smart, intelligent and can be quite playful too. They are very adaptable and are magnificent companions since they are so compliant by nature.

They are easygoing and easily get along with people – including other animals.

 The Maltese breed also requires much grooming.

 If you don’t train and control them at tender age, they tend to be serious "barkers" when grown.

Maltese dogs hate being left alone and can suffer depression when separated.

The Maltese dogs have their origin coming from Malta. They are really charming and have adorable character. If you need a dog that’s extremely loyal and affectionate, this is a perfect choice for prospective dog owners. Even though little-looking in stature, this breed appears and lives larger than life and you will love sharing your home space with them.

  • The Maltese dog breed happens to be one of the most ancient dog varieties in the world
  • Because of their beauty and charm, records have several nobles and royals who have owned Maltese in the past and till current times.
  • They are quite popular options with Royals and celebs
  • They are also regarded as perfect therapy dogs

Maltese Dogs usually come in diverse colors but are more common with superb pure white coat. They also have special long hair that’s nothing less than luxurious and thus require constant maintenance. Because of their size, they tend to stay puppy-like in their looks for large part of their lives. Maltese dogs are known to have strong jaws with impeccable scissor bite.

The Maltese might seem delicate & fragile – however it is quite more of a determined and robust little dog. This little creature is unafraid and never too shy to show its feelings. It is also super intelligent and knows exactly how to please its owners and families.

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