Introducing the Maltipoo Dog Breed

Facts about Maltipoo dogs   

Maltipoo Dogs are quite intelligent, loyal and can be truly affectionate.

Maltipoo Dogs are easy to train since they are naturally smart.

  Maltipoo Dogs also have low shedding furs.

   Maltipoo Dogs are highly adaptable, and thus are happy to reside within any home or apartment.

   Maltipoo Dogs are really very friendly and social and can easily get along with other animals including cats.

   Maltipoo Dogs are better suited to households with much older kids.

Maltipoo Dogs can easily suffer anxiety when left on their own.


The Maltipoo dog breed is quite a little yet popular cross-breed specie that's somewhat new to the dog environment. Its parent breeds are the Poodle and Maltese dogs, of which both are pure breeds. These little gorgeous dogs have found their way into the homes and hearts of individuals all through the world, and Singapore; kudos to their great and endearing looks and the fact that they have inherited several of their parental breed traits that comprise playfulness and intelligence.

The Maltipoo dogs breed are clearly one of the more recent dog crossbreeds to have appeared on the dog arena in recent years. Maltipoo Dogs were initially bred in the United States to serve as canine companions and pets. And also to serve folks that normally suffered from pet-related allergies since they have low and non-shedding furs.

Today, Maltipoo Dogs in Singapore are a sight to admire, as majority of people who love the natural instincts and intelligence of the breed go for it.

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