Introducing Poodle Dog Breed

The Poodle breed as a dog comes in three different sizes:

Toy Poodle,

Miniature Poodle and,

Standard Poodle


This dog breed is often regarded as one of the leading five dogs when it comes to intelligence and is an exceptional versatile dog, topping at many canine sports.


Poodle Dog Breed History

This dog category has been around for several years and in the past was raised as a water-dog to help reclaim game from lakes and rivers. While its origin isn’t too clear, the name is assumed to be an offshoot of the old German term 'pudeln' (which means to splash in water).

The three sizes of Poodle have been known to exist for ages, with the bigger ones known to work in the fields, and the smaller ones kept as canine companions. The toy poodle category also referred to as 'Sleeve Poodle' can be kept within the sleeves of the puppy owner and utilized as a hand warmer. They are common breeds loved by men and women of nobility and royalty.

Poodles usually weigh between 3 kg to 32 kg.

They have a rich, even-textured curled fur that doesn’t shed easily; hence a great choice for folks with sensitivities. They come in variety of colors ranging from white, black, red, cream, brown, silver, apricot, and fawn.

Poodle dogs have head that is narrow with a pointed nose. It has ferociously intelligent eyes and ears that flap forwards on the cheeks.

As highly intelligent dog breed, they can get bored if there isn’t adequate mental and physical stimulation.

You can get poodle dogs in top function when you provide games in the form of play, exercise, and learning. The Poodle dog is quick to learn new tricks, thus you find them being used in circuses.

Poodle dogs are great for first time dog owners as they can be very patient and loyal to their owner and family members.

Poodle dogs are friendly animals and love kids and other animals.

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