Introducing Pug Dog Breed

The Pug Dog Breed is quite strong and also little in size. It is also very adaptable as they find comfort living anywhere with their canine companion.

Thinking about grooming this dog, you will find them very easy to maintain.

Pug Dog Breeds are also extraordinarily very social, friendly and truly affectionate.

Pug Dog Breeds are quite playful and can act clownish, thus a great delight to be around.

 Pug Dog Breeds don’t require much exercise.

Pug Dog Breeds are one of the best dogs to consider when you seek for those that are genuinely loyal.

Pug Dog Breeds love playing so much.

They don’t like to be left alone and require loads of mental stimulation to stay on point.

Talking about sleep, the Pug Dog Breeds are good at sleeping and snoring loudly.

During the spring and autumn period, the Pug Dog Breeds are seen as pets that shed their furs really heavily.


This special dog breed has gain reputation for its popularity around the world and also here in Singapore where dog owners are up with it.

The reason for this is because they are cute, petite, and yet carry themselves as big shots. Intelligence is another trait you will find exceptionally with this dog breed.

Pug Dog Breeds are also very self-confident by nature, genuinely loving and yet can be a bit mischievous. All of these make them truly appealing to just about anyone that comes in contact with them.

They are great companions and adapt easily to family lifestyle. Sharing a home with this cute dog is quite fun and fulfilling.

They have been on the scene dating as far back as 700 BC coming from an origin in Ancient China. In that time, they were only owned by Emperors, and the ordinary man or woman in town were not permitted to own such dogs. Any common man who was caught having a pug dog would be put to death as punishment.

Funny enough, the female pugs were accorded honor and respect just as an Emperor’s wife and were fully guarded by soldiers and fed the best of all foods and drinks. This shows how important this dog is.


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